Why Parallax websites are no more the hot cakes of design world

There was a time when parallax websites were all the rage for all the amazing things you could do with them. But over time, it was realised that it may not be a nice idea to turn every project that comes your way into a parallax-fiesta. Here’s why…. Although the concept of parallax seeped into the website design world in the past three years, it has actually existed since the 1980s when it was first used in the famous arcade game Moon Patrol. In fact, we can trace it back to as early as the 1930s when it was employed in movies through the use … Continue reading

Elite Website Trends Forecast 2014

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2013 has been a remarkable year in the world of website deigning. We saw many new trends emerge this year owing to the perennial advancement in the field of hand-held mobile technologies. While some of them like Flash, skeuomorphism, auto-playing media, light text on dark background and cereal-box layout ended up in the ‘overused & outdated’ bin, newer trends entered the designing scenario and among the million experiments, some are here to stay and become bigger and better in 2014. Here’s a list of seven such designing trends that will continue to be essential building blocks of some of the most aesthetically and functionally pleasing … Continue reading

Importance of Print in Corporate Branding

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If you wiki search the term ‘corporate branding’, it will tell you that it is a process of using corporate brand equity to create product brand recognition, which in turn will determine how, why and if at all every potential business partner or customer makes their next move to be a part of your business. An average consumer’s purchase decision is 38.95 per cent based on the brand alone. And although social media has taken the marketing process by storm and digital media is all the hype when it comes to selling your brand the quintessential print has not yet become obsolete. And it never … Continue reading

Choosing right type of brochure

Most fancy, expensive but long shelf-life

The crucial role that a brochure plays in communicating your image to the customer cannot be emphasised enough. Having a brochure gets across a message of credibility and commitment to your work over the other competitors. A brochure can make or break your reputation, so it is important that you only trust an experienced designer with your brochure design and printing. The first thing that your designer will ask you is about the format you need for your brochure. Given below are the major types of brochures that you can choose from as per its end function i.e., information, advertisement, call-to-action or product catalogue. 1. … Continue reading

How to Plan a Corporate Brochure


In a post a few weeks back, I mentioned how a well-designed, well-compiled corporate brochure is quintessential for any business. Gone are the days when books were not judged by their cover. Today it is more like, ‘It’s all about the cover. Gave your literary masterpiece a shabby cover, well, it’s going to decay on the stands till eternity.’ The same is with a corporate brochure. Before a company becomes your business partner or associate or be connected to your business in any way, they will judge you by the way you present your business to them. If this was not a crucial task, Apple … Continue reading

Secret of the Magic Marketing Tool

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If you ever asked a marketing man his biggest Christmas wish, who knows what he would say. But if we were to take a guess, right on top of the heap of wishes shall be a marketing tool that would no more let your messages go unnoticed, unread or unheard; a marketing tool so efficient that not only does it enable you to customise your message for each and every customer, but also gives you the privilege to monitor, analyse and assess the responses enticed so.   Well, a moment of revelation for all such marketing people, this magic tool already exists! And we call … Continue reading

Thinking About Re-designing Your Logo? Re-think First.


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” —Winston Churchill If Churchill was a corporate branding expert in today’s times, he might have kept this thought to himself. The philosophy behind this quote might very well apply to life in general, yes, but when it comes to your corporate identity you might want to follow the legendary ‘Old is Gold’ approach. With brand images being omnipresent, and customers consuming products or at least the images of those products almost all the time—thanks to mobile advertising and internet on-the-go—it is becoming increasingly difficult to give a makeover to your logo or your … Continue reading

The Biggest SEO Talisman: Original Quality Content


When Nina decided to quit her job as a chef at the biggest five-star hotel in Delhi to start a culinary institute of her own, she spent several months working with her graphic designer. The aim was to create a perfectly attractive, eye-catching logo that encapsulated the excitement yet the professional seriousness of her profession. Web designers revised and re-revised the design and functionality of the website. Nina turned every stone that could be turned to present a pretty, young and confident personality via her website to represent her new venture. But over time it seemed as if no matter what her SEO manager did, … Continue reading

The Rise & Rise of Innovative Marketing


Honestly, we spent enough decades browsing through long-copy newspaper& magazine advertisements and television commercials, going through handouts, pamphlets, flyers or listening intently to the salesman as he demonstrated in your drawing room the marvels of a revolutionary invention called ‘vacuum cleaner’. Not one person in today’s world has more than ten minutes to spend in reading a newspaper. For television viewing, it’s even less. With on-the-go streaming of television on our phones or tablets, the idiot box has become just that: An Idiot’s Box. Prospective consumers are no more the audience watching an advertising show; they want to be a part of the show! One … Continue reading

Making the Right Strategy for a Successful Product Launch


Technological development brings prosperity to nations, but the successful commercialization of this technology is the real meaning of innovation. For this reason, all companies have tried their best to launch maximum numbers of products to market. However, the commercial success or failure of a product does not rest solely on the product itself. The launch strategy adopted also determines whether a product succeeds or fails. The key to success in the launch process often rests in finding the proper strategies. When a new product is going to be launched, the most worried, puzzled and muddled-up creatures are the managers. Not only are they responsible for … Continue reading