3 Steps to Effective Re-Branding, Part-1

I’ve seen a lot many companies seeking re-branding services in order to update the way their brand looks and by brand I mean a combination of visual elements like the logo, color  brand style, design, etc. and corporate elements like business vision & mission, product/service offerings, etc.

Usually, organisations seek re-branding solutions for their existing brand when they feel that the identity needs a makeover as customers have got used to what they’ve been seeing for a long time and now their brand needs an extra edge with a brand new & refreshing identity. So, here, in three steps we’ll review three most important steps which when followed religiously, makes your re-branding a sure-shot catch!

The 1st Step to Re-branding: Identify your target audience

Once the team working on revamping the brand identifies who they have to entice with the brand’s new look, the way becomes so much easier. Some start comparing competitors and see what they have been using to serve the same purpose, which I think is not the right way. The best way to understand a customer’s mind set is to step into their shoes and start thinking like them. Once, you are on the client’s side, things will be much clearer to you that what exactly the target customers look for. For example, if you own a flower shop, why do people buy flowers from your neighbour shop and not yourself? Identify what affects the customer more, variety or cost, presentation or availability. Once you identify the factors affecting the end client, you’ve got yourself a winning deal, my friend.

Besides trying to know what they like and unlike, also try to identify their buying processes and the factors affecting their decision making to finally buy the product that can be likes, dislikes, motivations and their level of dependency on that product. Know what would they feel when they buy your product and how can they be better off without you. Try to make your product make an impact on their lives and that it should matter to them when they step forward to buy it.

Stay tuned for the next two very important steps!

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